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My Monopoly


Monopoly is a fun game for just about any age that can be trusted not to swallow the playing pieces, but Hasbro has added something to make it even more special with its new version of the old classic called My Monopoly. How is it different from traditional Monopoly?

This innovative spin on a decades-old classic game has given new life to the old board game. It’s completely customizable – add your own photos, tokens, properties and Community Chest and Chance Cards with the My Monopoly application or go to the website,

Kids and adults of all ages will have a blast planning, preparing and playing My Monopoly.

The set includes: mymonopolyboard

  • a game board
  • tokens
  • 30 blank tiles
  • sticker sheets
  • title deed cards
  • Chance and Community Chest cards
  • houses
  • hotels
  • 2 dice,
  • money
  • a guide to the game.

Everything you need is there to have an amazing family game night. You can even choose your own photos from whatever device (computer, social media websites or smart phone) and add captions that make it more fun.

Simply print the photos out on the sticker sheets (included in the set) and you’re ready to rumble around the board. Use photos of family vacations, birthdays or just the silly ones in your photo repertoire.mymonopolypiece

Surprise everyone or let them choose their own photos. Or – you can play the game right out of the box. Play it your way. Play the My Monopoly game just as you did the older versions. You can purchase properties, pay or earn rent, get money for passing “Go” – or go to jail. The personalization aspect of My Monopoly just makes it more fun.

Hasbro has been making toys and games for decades and people now trust the items to be sturdy, complete and easy to play. With this special, “click it, stick it, play it” version, you’ll introduce the family to a whole new way of playing the classic game.


Older family members will especially appreciate the personalization of a game they’ve likely been playing for decades. Use photos from long ago and bring back memories of a poignant past when you choose this customizable My Monopoly game.

Hasbro My Monopoly Game
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