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Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie


Fans of Doc McStuffins will love getting to act just like Doc with the Take Care of Me Lambie plush toy. Parents will appreciate that it’s more than just another stuffed animal.

Lambie is made of soft plush white lamb “fur” that makes it very huggable. With its adorable flesh-colored face, bright eyes and wide smile, this toy will quickly become your child’s favorite one.

Lambie comes with doctor tools, including: 

  • a stethoscope for listening to the lamb’s heart
  • a thermometer for taking the temperature
  • an otoscope for checking to make sure her ears are clear
  • sticker bandages for fixing up little boo-boos


The toy has a cute little pink skirt and a pink bow on top of her head. But this cuteness is just the beginning for this toy. Your child will be able to take care of this little Lambie and share adventures, fun and care.

Because it’s an interactive toy, kids feel like they’re taking care of the actual Lambie from the show. The lamb features different reactions that she gives when your child plays with her. When her stomach is pushed, she’ll respond.

Your child can receive a delighted laugh from Lambie or she’ll perform a catchy song. The toy comes with doctor tools so that your child can check on the lamb to make sure she’s feeling okay. (Note: while the plush doll should be fine for any age, some of the doctor tools are small enough that they could get stuck in a small child’s throat. The recommended age is 3+, and I definitely wouldn’t give the accessories to any child younger than that.)

The lamb will tell the child when she’s not feeling well using a light in her cheeks. This is your child’s cue to use the thermometer included to take the lamb’s temperature. When the lamb isn’t well, your child can put the toy down and the lamb will go to sleep.

Kids can listen to the little heart design on the lamb’s chest to hear the heartbeat. When your child runs off to go take a nap or eat lunch, the little lamb will react just like she does in the series and go into stuffed mode.

With more than 50 interactive responses, your child will have hours of fun engaging with the toy. Your child will be introduced to different sounds that will delight him. Plus, the lamb features lights and movements.

There’s no end to how much fun your child can have with the toy. The Take Care of Me Lambie is great at teaching play as well as how to take care of something in an uplifting and positive interaction.


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