meccano meccanoid g15

Meccano Meccanoid


The future is here, folks. I can remember playing with toy robots that were really cool because they beeped when you pushed a button. Not the Meccano MeccaNoid. This robotic guy does so much and is so fascinating and fun that kids won’t even realize that it’s also a learning toy.

The toy teaches kids about engineering, teaches them about movement and dexterity and how to create with technology. Kids can create the robotic toy using the pieces in the kit. Though it can be a challenge for kids who’ve never experienced robotic building before, it’s fairly simply to do. Since there are many pieces, I’d go into it expecting it’s a parent-child activity, not something you can leave your kid to do on their own.

Even though there’s nothing simple about the Meccano Meccanoid, kids won’t have a problem being able to program and use it. The tools needed to put the pieces together are included in the box along with the instructions to take them step by step through the process.

Included: meccano meccanoid g15

  • 600 Parts,
  • 1 Meccabrain,
  • 1 LED Module,
  • 2 Hand Tools,
  • 4 Servos,
  • 2 Rear Wheel Assembly,
  • 2 Motor Gearboxes.
  • free downloadable Meccanoid App (in Google Play or AppStore, not technically in the box). iOS and Android compatible.

Not included:

  • 4 C batteries
  • a smartphone/tablet (not required, but does allow some extra functions using the free app mentioned above)

By the time a child puts the robot together, it will be able to move its head and arms as well as move forward thanks to the motorized feet. It does have LED lights and there are more than 500 different colors in play with the robot.

This particular set can be integrated to work with other Meccano designs. Once the toy is set up, kids can program the robot. If your child doesn’t have any experience working with programming, that’s okay. He’ll still be able to get the hang of using the program features with this toy.

The robot has three modes that can be used. Kids can use motion capture, ragdoll avatar or LIM which is Learned Intelligent Movement.meccano meccanoid g15

  • With motion capture, this is basically a copycat mode. The robot uses the camera of a smartphone attached to it to “see” and mimic your movements. (Note: you provide the smartphone)
  • The ragdoll avatar is an application that you can use to control the movements of the robot using a smartphone/tablet. As you move the robot on the tablet, the real-life robot copies the movements.
  • The LIM is when the robot will follow suit of what you do or say. If you move the robot’s arm, then he’ll move it. If you say a word, he’ll say the word. You can command the robot as soon as you get him up and running and he’ll understand you because he already has more than 100 commands that he understands, but you can program him to be able to understand much more than that number.

The robot has the ability to do some pretty human type actions such as tell you a joke or play a game. It’s so sophisticated that it can understand its surroundings and will adjust to those surroundings.


  • Very sturdy
  • Lots of different ways to play
  • Building the robot is a learning activity
  • Comes knowing a lot of commands, facts, jokes, etc.
  • Can learn new movements, as well as names, birthdays, etc.
  • Compatible with classic Meccano parts


  • Lots of parts to put together. Customers report that the instructions are detailed in terms of pictures, but somewhat lacking in terms of actual written instructions. Even so, most people said it was easy to put together as long as you paid attention to the colors of the pieces in the picture instructions.

With all the Meccano MeccaNoid G15 can do, it’s almost like having your own robot best friend to talk to, joke with … and what’s more, it’ll listen when you tell it what to do. This is a fun and educational addition to any kid’s toy collection, and it’s cool enough that older kids (and some adults!) will enjoy it, too.


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