Ginger Breadhouse Doll (Ever After High)


Ever After High is filled with fun characters that are almost familiar. Take Ginger Breadhouse, the daughter of the Candy Witch from Hansel and Gretel. Everyone knows about the evil witch who trapped children with her candy house, but what about her daughter, a girl who is more interested in baking dessert than baking kids?

Ever After High’s Ginger Breadhouse is here for your child to enjoy with this exciting doll.  She is one of the Rebels as she would like to be able to rewrite her own story. She does not want to follow in the footsteps of her wicked mother. She is happiest being a baker and making dessert for all of her friends.  She comes with the cute, candy-themed outfit she wears on the show.

Product Features: 

  • Cute clothing and adorable accessories that might look spooky if you know her mother, but are nothing but fun with Ginger Breadhouse.
  • Includes the doll and a stand to let kids pose her or keep her standing during play
  • Accessories include a doll hairbrush, doll handbag, doll glasses, and a cupcake-themed headband for Ginger
  • Also included: an exclusive bookmark that gives Ginger’s background
  • Toy Size = 8” x 2.5” x 12.8”
  • Toy Weight = 10.9 ounces

Plus Points:

  1. Helps Your Child Believe in Themselves: One of the best things about Ginger Breadhouse is that she believes in her own good. Even though her mother was known for her wickedness and for eating those who would visit her home, Ginger Breadhouse wants to be known for her baking instead. Ginger believes in her own good. You can use her story as a starting point for talking about choices and making your own destiny rather than being what other people expect you to be.
  2. Helps Your Child Use Her Imagination: After your child watches the Ever After High stories, she is going to be able to play with the doll. This can allow her to take the story further or to fully explore the ideas that are present in the story. It really gives your child more ways to play and have fun while building her creativity and story-telling skills (an important stepping stone for literacy).

Things To Consider:

  1. Small parts: While rated for ages 3+, the accessories are small and should either be kept up from young children or closely supervised.
  2. You might find a better bargain: While I like this doll as part of the Ever After High collection, I’m a little more impressed with the Ever After High Sugar Coated Kitchen with Ginger Breadhouse Doll Play Set (review here). For roughly twice the price (as of this writing), you get a play kitchen set for the doll as well as the doll itself. If cost is a factor, go with the Ginger Breadhouse Doll by herself, but if you’re wanting more bang for your buck, definitely consider the play set.

The Ever After Ginger Breadhouse Doll is a great addition to the Ever After High collection. Her fashionable outfit and accessories make her fun to dress up, while her unique backstory makes her an excellent toy for girls to build their creativity. Click the button below to add her to your collection.



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