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Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool


Fisher-Price playsets are good for hours of play around my house. I’ve been looking into adding the Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschoo to our collection – my son loves “going to school,” so I think this would be a big hit for him.

I love the little details Fisher-Price always includes. For example, the students in the preschool have their own spots on a rug – just like in real school. All the child has to do is press the buttons on the rug to make all types of music, lights and phrases come to life. Your child can make the dinosaur roar, cause bubbles to gurgle when they come from an aquarium and even make the school’s hamster cage squeak. There are over 35 sounds, phrases and songs that they can learn.

Included in the playset: 

  • the school
  • Little People toys: Mia, Eddie, and a teacher
  • a table and 4 chairs
  • 3 AA batteries

When you put the Musical Preschool together, there’s a slide for playtime where they can let Eddie and Mia take turns sliding down – and even the teacher can take a turn if she wants.

The “rug” on the schoolroom floor is magical. Each spot on the rug has a button that produces a different sound and each sound can be linked together to create a new and different song.

Whether your child has already started preschool or will be starting soon, this toy can be a good way to let them explore the experience through play. They can show you what they do at their school, or you can walk them through the fun they’ll have once they start school in the future. Either way, the playset gives lots of opportunities for imagination and creativity.

As usual, Fisher-Price has designed the preschool set especially for very young ones. Edges are buffed so there’s no danger from sharp edges. There’s even an on-off button for sound and 2 positions for loudness on the bottom of the toy so the parents can control the noise (clearly the designers have been around little kids!).

One feature I like about Fisher-Price toys is that they tend to work together well. You can plan “field trips” for the students at the Fisher Price Little People Musical Preschool with some other Fisher-Price toys such as The Little People Aquarium Visit. Take them there with the Little People Lil Movers School Bus, a beloved toy around my house (that also makes great storage for extra Little People). No matter what sets you end up getting, you know they’re high-quality toys that will keep your toddlers happy for a long time.


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