barbie dream house

Barbie Dreamhouse


All I can say is, if it came in human-sized, I’d move in right now…

The Barbie Dreamhouse is a toy that has delighted both Barbie fans and children for years and it’s easy to see why. Each new update of the Barbie Dreamhouse is more luxurious and more fun than the last one.

This year’s Dreamhouse has three different levels featuring a total of seven rooms – including a garage and an elevator. Plus, it even has a pool. When it’s fully assembled, the house stands roughly four feet tall and is about three feet wide. The large size makes it easy for several children to play with the house at the same time.

The first thing you’ll notice on the bottom level of the house is the hot pink Barbie door. This door features a knocker that really works, and kids of all ages will love to bring over Barbie’s friends and have them walk through the door. 

On the left side of the door, there’s the garage. The door really lifts up just like a real garage. The garage is a small compact car size and some of the older and larger Barbie cars may not fit in it. The best part of the garage is the window that easily converts into a pool. 

Kids can fill the pool with water and have fun as Barbie splashes around with her friends. Also on the lower level is the kitchen. This area features a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink.

As with other Barbie dream homes, Mattel made sure to include plenty of food items so that kids can recreate their favorite meals while playing with Barbie and friends. Off one side of the kitchen, there’s an elevator that will take Barbie up to the middle level.

This part of the house has a dining room that can fit the included table and dining chairs. Next to the dining room is the pet room where Barbie’s furry friends can hang out. 

Past that, there’s Barbie’s bathroom. This area includes a toilet, sink, and tub. The bathroom furniture makes a variety of noises from flushing toilets to bubbling water. This is often the room that kids like most because of all the fun noises that they can hear.

The top level of the Barbie Dreamhouse has a living room with a couch and TV. Both of these items are included with the house. By the living room is a small walk-in closet, complete with mini hangers, where Barbie can pick out her next outfit or search for the perfect pair of shoes. 

When Barbie’s tired from a long day, she can move from the walk-in closet to her bedroom. The bedroom is small but has a large bed with a pink canopy and a cute chandelier. With so many fun features, it’s no wonder that kids of all ages enjoy playing with the Barbie Dreamhouse.


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